Friday, 24 April 2009

Ruff Wear Grip Trex Boots

What can I say...I'm getting my work (an online shop) in order for Sue, who's going to be holding the fort for me. Poor woman. I hand over to her at the beginning of May, and then spend a bit of time on and off with her making sure she's ok until I disappear off to John O'Groats. It's surprising how you think something will be straight forward and then all these complications appear...

Patch is doing well...we seem to have found a solution to her boots rubbing...there's a lovely lady called Penny on ebay (her ebay ID is; angelica1963) who has been just SO helpful and knitted us some fantastic boot liners. I can't tell you how helpful she has been - far beyond what you would expect. Penny has made some 100% wool liners that are padded everywhere except the sole, so they give protection over her toes, around the top of the boot and her dew claws, but they leave the sole simple so Patch still has stability underfoot. She's only worn them for 5 miles so far, but so far so good. I don't want her to have to wear them unneccessarily as I'd rather her feet toughened up a bit, but she DOES have some issues on pink skin area, so at least I know we have a fallback option. When I have days where I have a lot of roadwork, or some gritty forestry tracks I intend for Patch to wear the boots for maybe half the day - just to take the strain off her feet.

She may be a Jack Russell, but she's a big strong girl, and weighs around 9kg so I'm not planning to carry her!!

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