Sunday, 3 May 2009

A visit to Elan Valley

Our plan was to spend the weekend hiking around Elan Valley - a beautiful area of hills, moorland and reservoirs. Our plans were cut short though as our dogs were squabbling inside the tent - our little one "Snowy" is incredibly insecure and wasn't coping with being shut in such a confined area with Patch (my sweetie). So we ended up plodding back to the car after the first night, rather than continuing on. What a shame.

Never mind...we did have a fab night wild camping...and still have the rest of the walk to look forward to another day.

The outcome of this is that we have decided to now camp with separate accommodation...John with his dog, me with mine (Patch). Some may think this odd, but it's a good solution for the I get a slight break from John's snoring....!

We are thinking of eventually getting a bivi bag each, plus a lightweight tarp to use for cooking etc under if it's rainy / midgy. So far we're looking at the North Face Backpack bivi (910g) and a Gossamer Gear SpinnShelter (250g) - the idea being to use the bivi as the main shelter, and the tarp only when necessary. Of course it would help to win the lottery first...! I'd be interested to hear other people's ideas on this combination - feel free to leave comments or email me.

On a different note, I loaded myself up more than necessary in preparation for our upcoming Jogle, and found my new waistbelt and shoulder harness incredibly comfortable...the weight wasn't a problem at all...until I went uphill...


Peter said...

Sophie, I've gone down the bivi bag/tarp route trying to save weight last year for two night's in the Beacon's, on both night's it rained and it's pure misery! After that I bought a Vango Ultralite 100 and am much happier! Used it a few weeks ago, camped alongside Claerwen reservoir in 50 mph winds and it was solid. Unless you can guarantee good weather(!!!) I'd go with the tent.

Peter said...

Oops, just noticed you already got the bivi bag, my bad...!

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi Peter - only just seen your message - I do apologise!

Oh bugger...that's not good!! the tarp arrived today so it's going to be a weekend of experimenting....I'm not saving much weight - I just really fancy a bivi bag for my hike!! The problem is, if it doesn't work then it will be a month before my husband visits and I have chance to change back to the tent!!

Watch this space!!