Saturday, 27 March 2010

Almost out again!

Having spent a long winter stuck at home looking after my old horses, the milder weather and emerging grass means it's just about time to leave the horses to fend for themselves and get away to the great outdoors again.

In my frustration I've bought 4 books from amazon (internet shopping is just too easy) for ideas on new backpacking jaunts as well as a book on dehydrating food - last years summer spent eating Batchelors Pasta 'n' Sauce is not to be repeated!

Maps have been examined, put away, brought back out to be examined again...swapped for a different area...examined again...put away again, and I'm still not decided where to go for Easter weekend - but Dartmoor is a distinct possibility.

The big problem I'm having now is the forcast of rain is not helping my efforts to persuade John that backpacking is a much better idea than caravanning. I've always struggled to drag him out as it is, but since buying the new (old) caravan last year it's become more of a battle. "Discussions" have already been had over the 3 seperate week long excursions I've been planning for the summer. This could be interesting!

Tomorrow we leave in the caravan for a 3 day dog training course in Stevenage. I'm really hoping to make progress with Patch's noise phobia's and confidence - then maybe I can steal away for a weekend backpacking with her alone!


baz carter said...

Having a dehydrator is the way forward. Ive got some recipes, etc on my blog. And check out Sarah Kirkconnell's site, along with Teresa's site Some of the stuff you cant get here but you can adapt recipes.

Hope the training goes well for Patch.

Alan Sloman said...

Hope Patch gets over her noise shock thing - it must be debilitating for you both.

The boys over at "Top Gear" have a good way with caravans. You could loan your caravan to them for a while?

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Baz - I love your blog! I just had a quick look and became addicted. I'm trying to figure out how to "Follow" it - otherwise I'll keep it bookmarked. Thanks for the info - very useful.

Alan - Hi there, good to hear from you! I know what your on about with regards to Top Gear...they really are caravan haters aren't they. They have some great ideas for them....

ramblerman45 said...

Hi Sophie,
just to let you know Ramblerman and Andy is one of the same I just sometimes comment on your blog without signing into my google account.
I suspect my attempt to do the lejog is still a few years away as I need to factor-in a career break as my intention is to do the walk over 3 months and mainly using B&B's and YH. What I will do in the mean time is some shorter long distance paths starting with the South Downs next spring. Not sure whether to set up a blog as its unlikely to be such an adventure as walking the Lejog.