Monday, 5 July 2010

A trip to Vietnam on the cards?!

Hiking this summer hasn't gone well....I've spent many weekends (and weeks) at Barking Mad Dog Training Centre in Gravely (near Stevenage) to get our unruly pack of dogs under control, as well as taking steps myself to become a dog trainer.

I'm itching to get out with a pack on my back, and am determined to squeeze at least one trip in before the summer is over.

However...there could be a rather exciting trip on the Vietnam! Richard from the dog training centre (ex "Dog Borstal" Judge Richard Clarke) went there earlier this year to train Vietnamese dogs (that would otherwise have been used as food) to track turtles - a conservation project for the turtles, that has the added benefit of trying to change the attitude of the Vietnamese people towards the dogs. Hopefully in the future they will be seen as worthy working animals and pets rather than just as food. The project was so successful Richard has been asked to return to Vietnam to train another set of dogs and handlers in a new area.

Money permitting, I will be going also to help train - and learn an awful lot while I am there. The dogs and husband will be left at home while I get to grips with the jungle and insects...I've been reading about the leeches - not good.

I can't wait!


Gayle said...

Sounds like a fantastic opportunity. When will the trip be?

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi Gayle, for some reason your message disappeared when I tried to approve it (error code; bX-o3qgph) for any boffins out there able to help!

The trip will be in September...I'm saving hard!