Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Out again - finally!


Tess chilling out.

Patch - looking troublesome as ever!

"The Girls" taking a break.

The view from Cnicht summit.

I've finally been out again in the mountains of Snowdonia...and here are some photo's to prove it!!

Due to the addition of my Border Collie, Tess, I don't have a large enough backpacking tent at the moment - and I think a Collie, a Jack Russell, and myself would be pushing it squeezing into the bivvi bag! So this time I took the larger tent, set up "base camp" in a campsite in Beddgelert and did some lovely day walks. This time was my second time up Cnicht, but last time I included it in a totally different route approaching from the other side (and with two different dogs - no longer with us), this time I walked a circular route from Croeso.

It was a fantastic day - walm and sunny. Even the breeze on top of the mountain was warm. Lovely.

Another fab walk we did over the weekend included two lakes NE of Betws-Y-Coed but I'm sorry I forget their names and don't have the map with me at the moment! Lovely walk though with a nice mix of forestry, water and fab views.

The dogs were great - Patch was game on as she usually is in Snowdonia. It was Tess' first trip, and although she found the whole experience a little overwhelming -she's not vary brave when it comes to people - and there were many on Cnicht and the campsite, and she found the climb up the mountain a bit tricky for a nervous fatty, but had great fun around the lakes and forestry.

It was a lovely weekend...I'm now gearing up ready to go again this weekend!


Gayle said...

Hi Sophie - Good to see you back and out and about (I did see your post a few weeks ago, but being out and about myself couldn't post a comment at the time).

How's Patch doing with her phobias these days? Funnily enough, I think of her whenever we're walking through areas with lots of aeroplane noise (don't think she would have enjoyed Otterburn a couple of weeks ago with heavy artillery and fast jets!).


Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi Gayle, lovely to hear from you. I was looking at your blog earlier - I see you are on another long one! Well done you!

Patch still has her noise phobia's...unfortunately we live in the middle of a tactical training area and so have the jets zooming over daily...she just hides under my desk all day. Luckily she is a happy bunny in Snowdonia - we usually go weekend and bank holidays so there is no flying, however we used to go for a fortnight in June but never remember jets coming over. She's so "game on"! Just loves the mountain walks and scrambles up anything that appears in front of her!

I think your right about Otterburn - it certainly would have been bad news for her ...her two biggest noise phobia's are fast jets and firing!! Eeek!!