Monday, 5 January 2009

A quick general update...!

Well so far I haven't made any progress loading the mapping software onto my computer...I'm going to try to resuscitate my old laptop and try it on that.

Christmas went well - my hubby had a list of stuff I need for the trip (I use the term "list" loosely...being a bloke he needed it to be even easier for him so I had to email him direct links to every product!!) I never though I'd be pleased as punch to have a toilet trowel for Christmas.....! I did get a Tilley hat also, which I have been after for years, plus from my step son a brilliant book to brush up my navigation skills.

I did a bit of online January shopping and bought a couple of lightweight technical Berghaus T'shirts, a North Face fleece and a Craig Hoppers fleece at great prices from "Go Outdoors". My walking trousers are looking a bit sorry for themselves now and could do with replacing also...or am I just looking for excuses to shop?!

Patch has been enjoying her walks - until we went through the forestry and I made the mistake of taking her flexi-lead on which she tends to pull - so she ended up with sore paws. I'm going to have to keep her on a short lead and halti to stop her pulling and tearing up her feet which is such a shame. I can't let her off the lead as she is a HUGE hunter - she would be off after rabbits never to be seen again...or for a couple of hours anyway. We could do with some time with "Mick Martin" from Dog Borstal!!

My hubby (John) has been coming walking also and brings our other two dogs but I'm on my own now he's back at work and away all week. I'm now feeling guilty about taking Patch out without the other two so I'm trying to find ways of controlling the three together....I've ordered another halti!

I've decided my route - basically the same as Andrew McCloys route except that I'll include the coastal path around the north of Devon and Cornwal plus an extended route including an overnight stop in Exmoor as I have a passion for exmoor ponies! (I have two!). I'll post the route on here as soon as can.

I sent the Samsung Omnia back - it was far too clever for me! I'll stick with a basic phone I think. I'm trying to eliminate as much as I probably can from my pack as it's looking to be around 15kg which is crazy considering I'm under 8st! I'm forgetting the solar charger for my phone which would be another 500g (and £180!).

One thing I am going to take is a mini pack of playing cards I got in a Xmas cracker! Also a tiny folding mirror from another cracker!! Good eh?!

Happy Christmas to you and best wishes for 2009!

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