Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Revised Kit far...

Following some very helpful comments from both Gail and Martin I am thinking of making the following changes to my pack...

1 - Instead of two pairs or trousers taking just one - but possibly taking something incredibly light to wear in my sleeping bag on cold nights...

2 - Instead of two long sleeve T'shirts, taking just one short sleeve T'shirt and one long sleeve one also.

3 - Take one fleece instead of two.

4 - Leaving behind my binoculars.

5 - Considering lighter waterproofs....this one makes me very theory I can reduce quite a lot of weight with paclite waterproofs, but I've yet to find some that REALLY keep you dry in day after day of torrential Rain with a pack on. I know my current waterproofs are excellent and keep me so dry and comfortable....hhhhmmmmmm.

It's a start! As time goes on and I get more desperate I'm sure I'll re-visit the kit list and see what else I can dump... I'm still very much open to others views and experiences so if you have any thoughts then do tell me.


John Manning said...

"1 - Instead of two pairs or trousers taking just one - but possibly taking something incredibly light to wear in my sleeping bag on cold nights..."

Try silk long johns - I used a pair on the PCT and they were just the ticket. Very very light for the extra warmth they gave at night.

As for the waterproofs, any new waterproof will keep the rain out due to its DWR (durable water repellency) treatment; it takes a lot of wear before you're even starting to test the true waterproof qualities of the membrane/coating.

It's sweat you don't need, and breathability you do need - I find eVent pretty good, and Paramo even better though it's heavier than most other waterproofs.

Daryl May said...

Hi Sophie,

I am wondering about carrying so much water. It's so heavy. I started carrying about 1.5 litres, and ended up carrying about 0.75 litres, knowing that I would find places to fill up, and would buy the odd . . . err . . . long drink. I also carried water purification tablets, since you're never far from water in Britain. Just for emergency, and never used.

For me, the unknown is Patch. How much of the water is for him? Is there a chance you could have him carry his own water (St. Bernard-style and SO photogenic)?

Anyway, if you could personally carry only a litre, you would save weight in buckets.

Did I see suncream on your list?

Phreerunner said...

[[John manning ('Deputy Dawg') is a top man when it comes to gear. More experienced than most of us.]]
Something jogged in my mind today; you've probably read his books, and may even have mentioned them in these pages, but Mark Wallington has written several books about long distance dog walking. I remember really enjoying his '500 mile walkies' book. They are available on Amazon:
And Daryl (if you see this) you look so different without the orange trousers!

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi - wow, loads of help - many thanks.

John you are a star! Silk legs sound like the perfect answer. I'm still worried about the waterproofs - it was a brand new Berghaus paclite jacket that I got soaked in - a very windy and rainy mountain valley in Snowdonia (typical!)! I will have a look at the eVent and Paramo gear as you suggest - it could certainly save some weight and if you find them good then that really helps.

Hi Daryl, I have gone slightly OTT with water haven't I?! I wanted to make sure Patch has enough when it's hot. I've just ordered a bottle filtration thingy which could help solve the problem of re-filling - do you think purification tablets would be a better idea? I've normally got away with filling up straight from mountain streams but I thought I ought to play a little safer now!

I ordered Patch a little backpack but then felt guilty and cancelled it! She does have a tendency to get sore paws so I don't want to add to the problem!

Hi Martin - fantastic - I don't have any of Mark Wallington's books, but I'm going to visit Amazon right now to get one!

Many thanks!

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi martin - I've just ordered as you suggested - plus "Boogie up the Penine Way"(?!) Wow I'm good at spending!!


Phreerunner said...

Enjoy the reading, Sophie, Lots of Laughs, I seem to recall...