Monday, 30 March 2009

Blister Prevention Patches by ENGO

I've just had contact with a company called ENGO who are new to me, but were recommended by BG / Stef. They supply some very interesting looking Blister Prevention Patches, and what a refreshing company they are to talk to. I received a reply to my email enquiry that wasn't full of the usual standard company waffle that I've normally received after approaching companies for sponsorship, but instead an honest and humourous reply - and an offer to supply plenty of patches to see me through my JOGLE. What stars they are!

I'm going to give my current blisters chance to heal before giving these patches a try, then I'll report on how effective they are - and believe me, these new boots will be giving them a good test!!

I'm so grateful to the guys at ENGO for this support, and if these Blister Prevention Patches work as they say, then they are going to be worth their weight in gold! It's a long time since I've suffered from blisters, but as long as these work then I will always be keeping some handy as having blisters again is incredibly unpleasant!!


Martin Rye said...

Elimination of the reason the blister happened is better then any patch. Yes they happen! But with correct fitting footwear and good insoles that hold the foot in place, and support it like Superfeet. Will mean you'll more than likely have many blister free miles. Just a thought and hope your feet heal soon.

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi Martin, that's a very good point. I already use Superfeet, and the first thing I did is put them in my new boots - I love them and wouldn't be without them. I am surprised at this blister problem as I've had a pair of the same boots before with no problems. I bought these half a size smaller though as the last ones were a tad large. Although I'm far from an expert, they seem to fit well. I'm flumoxed!


Gayle said...

Oooh, this is ringing a bell with me! Quite a few years ago, I bought a pair of Brasher boots. Although I'm a size 5, in the shop the size 4.5 seemed to fit me better so that's what I bought.

They ripped my heels to shreds within a couple of miles (I seem to recall that I finished that first walk barefoot because it was more comfortable) - and continued to do so on every walk. Believing then that blisters are usually caused by footwear being too big and the foot slipping (even though mine felt fine size-wise), I kept lacing them tighter and kept getting blisters.

At my wit's end with the blisters, one day rather than tightening I undid the laces - and the relief was immediate and I finally twigged that they were too small. I then invested in thin socks and thinner footbeds and after much perseverance could walk for 10 miles without any problem.

However, eventually I had to concede that I had made an expensive sizing mistake.

My next pair of Brashers were half a size bigger and have never given me even a hint of a blister.

I do hope that you manage to get your problem sorted without having to resort to a different shape or size of boot - because it does get a bit expensive, doesn't it?!

Daryl May said...

Hi Sophie,

Anyone who even thinks blisters has our immediate attention! And if you've found a preventative, you're a hero.

I myself stumbled upon (hmm) a solution of sorts which I share at

If anyone is interested, this solution helps with blisters, athlete's foot, and the speed at which one hikes. It's inexpensive, and it's even nutritious! I will leave your readers to discover it.



Sophie Easterbrook said...

Daryl - your solution is certainly interesting...but after careful consideration I've decided to give it a miss! I'm sure there's someone out there that will go for it though!

Gayle, that's not what I wanted to hear! Although you may be right. My last pair never rubbed, although over time the lining wore out at the heel - but I was never uncomfortable. I heard that this could have been because they were a little big, and the guys at Brasher confirmed this. Like you, these size 4.5's feel perfect. The only other difference between these ones and my last pair is that I now use Superfeet insoles, which I put straight in - if you are right about the sizing then this would only make the problem worse. Poop.

You are right again - it get's very expensive making mistakes like this. They really don't feel small, but I don't know what else it could be. I'm running out of time getting them "broken in" now also as I have to keep using my old boots which don't aggravate my blisters!

Jocosa said...

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