Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Quick report...

Not much to post at the moment...I'm still looking into some new bit's of kit.

I've done some lovely walks lately, and have been slowly increasing my pack weight. I've been shoving the contents of the kitchen cupboard into my day pack as a lazy way of increasing it's weight. Every now and again I get a question from my hubby, John, "didn't we buy more cooking oil" or "where's the chutney gone?". The answer is always "um, look in my day pack..." and low and behold, in the bottom of my pack is a collection of food goodies. There are sometimes some nice surprises when I delve down there..."Ooohh, stuffed olives!!! Yum!!"

My route is finished. I'll post it here when I figure out how...!


Gayle said...

I recall a walk at the beginning of last year when we carried full-sized packs and found ourselves wandering, in amongst many visitors in their Sunday best, around the National Memorial Arboretum. I was dreading one of the people giving us curious looks coming over to ask what we had in our packs, as the answer would have been 'Rolled up towels and water, mainly'.

As for publishing your route, the most user-friendly way I found (given that if you just copy and paste into Blogger it loses its formatting and you have to frig about with putting asterisks in as column seperators) was to put the document into Google Documents, making it available to everyone, and then post the link in your blog.

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Thanks for that Gayle - I'll experiment with Google Documents.

Rolled up towels and water....a better idea than a pack full of pickles!

BabsnRay said...

Good luck to both you and Patch in your challenge.
I thought I was the only 'nutter' in the human race that accepted furry friends as individuals, so I am very relieved. I have 2 dogs now - one of which according to everyone else is a jewel, but to me she is very quiet, non demanding, but loves attention. The other - if he was human, he would be described as suffering with attention deficite (sp) disorder.He has been very destructive, but, at the time I was working full time and they were left in the house on their own - so it was expected. They were young, and did get bored easily. Looking at it from their prospective - seeing the fluff come out of the duvet and go flying into the air must have been loads of fun.
I know that they have feelings and emotions - equal to humans. Bottom line being their illnesses mirror ours (heart problems, diabetic, arthritis etc) so why can't they have other human traits too?? Mine do - and they have a good understanding of plain english too - better than some humans. They do need that human interaction - dogs after all are pack animals, and view their human guardian / companion as part of the pack. In the wild (or in open captivity) pack animals do interact with each other, so its a natural progression for domesticated animals to want the same. They look to their pack leader for guidance, protection and play, as well as food and health care.
A laot of people thought I was daft keeping the destructive pair, but, as I mentioned earlier - they were puppies / young dogs at the time, bored with being on their own. What is what all youngsters do when they're left to their own devises?? They create mischief - which is all mine were doing. Admitted, destructive mischief, but I couldn't blame them in so much as they were left on their own. I took them in at 10 week old. They are both now 10 + years old, and hopefully, I'll have their company for long time yet.
The lady in the village that blames the dog for escaping and doing damage seriously needs to re-think her attitude. She has taken the dog in, and it is her responsibility to protect that dog, which she cannot do while letting it roam - at the end of the day, the poor thing will suffer at her failing. Not good. Her attitude for the dog should be the same as applied to a toddler. The innocence of the 2 is equal.

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi there, good to hear from you.

It's refreshing to find someone else passionate about their animals.

If I were in a competition for the most donations then doing this for a "people" charity would win outright, but we need to get the message across and improve dogs lives.

Good to hear from someone like minded!