Friday, 19 March 2010

JOGLE photo's!

Leaving John O'Groats

Patch Pooped

Dunrobin Castle


I found Nessy on the Great Glen Way at Inverness!

A rare glimpse of Loch Ness from the Great Glen Way

A refreshing stop on the West Highland Way

The Falkirk Wheel

A bothy on the Southern Upland Way where I stayed the night (not my pack!)

The bivvi and tarp set up used for a large part of the hike (Big Agnes 3 hoop bivvi and MSR E-Wing Tarp)

Patch chilling out under the tarp! All she needs now is a beer...

Soggy on the Pennine Way (photo taken by Mike - who I passed on the way)

The Pennine Way

The Pennine Way...again...

Still on the Pennine Way!

The last pitch in a field by the seafront at Penzance (tent - Terra Nova Competition)

Entering Lands End!

The end photo!

Here they are - I finally figured out how to get them out of my phone!


Andy and Alfie the Dog said...

such wonderful pics!
think my fave is you and patch on the pennine way! (rare to get a pic of a solo walker and they're pooch!)
tho patch under the trap is beautifully slouchy! (new word?)
can of beer would have been spot on there!

Anonymous said...

Excellent pics!

Very interestingly, though, I think I've spootted Patch wearing the same coat that I bought for Piglet some months ago. The Ruffwear softshell, right?

That coat caused an allergic reaction on Piggly's legs, around the 'cuffs'. She had to have antibiotics and steroids!

Did you have any such problem with Patch? I'd like to try the coat again, as it looks so good and certainly kept P warm and dry, but I'm afraid of kicking off a similar reaction. I do wonder, though, whether it all happened because it was very rainy, and maybe some mud became lodged around the cuffs.

Any comments very much appreciated.

ramblerman45 said...

Good luck with all your future adventures.It is good to know that on reflection it was a positive experience even though you missed patch. I will look forward to any future blogs especially if you manage to find the time and energy to do lejog.

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi Andy, I'm not one for having my photo taken much (it's always a disappointment to see the end shatters my illusion that I'm the spitting image of Angelina Jolie) but it was nice to have the occasional picture of myself along the way - just to prove I did it! How long is it now until you leave?

Hi peewiglet, good to hear from you. Sorry to hear about Piggly's legs. Patch had problems with the seams around the bottom of the legs, but it wasn't so much an allergic reaction - the seams were rubbing when her skin was wet. Probably the combination of gritty mud and wet skin. I ended up cutting the seams off and all was well again! A bit of a shame with such an expensive bit of doggy kit but it's been fine since! I must catch up with your blog - I remember that you also had problems with cows.

Hi Ramblerman! Thanks for that - and for still following now it's less interesting. I still plan to do plenty of hiking this year and hopefully another challenge won't be too far away!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sophie,

Many thanks for the info. It sounds as though Patch and Piggly had similar problems.

I'd thought of cutting off the seams as well, but (like you) had hesitated to do so on such an expensive wee coat. Since you've had success that way, though, I'll try it too. Thanks!

Piggle is at the vet's today, being spayed :-( I've been a nervous wreck. I'd have been emotional in any event (daft or not), but there was a huge and vicious Alsation there that went for Piggle and then for the dog sitting next to us, and I almost had to be given intravenous Valium after that :-( Off to collect P in an hour and carry her home to cuddles and love. Thank God I haven't got children... *g*

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi Peewiglet (what's your name by the way?!).
I know know how you feel - when Patch was spayed she was so sore for some time... it's difficult to watch.

I hope little piggly soon feels's all for the best and unfortunately has to be done.

All the best

carzy said...
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