Monday, 17 August 2009

Almost there!

Wow, I'm almost there!

I'm currently camped about 3 miles west of Truro. Tomorrow I'm heading for a campsite near Lower Downs - about 6 miles east of Penzance....and then Wednesdays the big day.

All's going well, the trainers have been brilliant- really comfortable and breathable too.

I have to mention a great place I stayed at a couple of nights ago as it was a good find. I'd walked 26 miles and with no campsite around I spotted a field that would do the job nicely. I ventured up towards the driveway to the house to ask the owners permission to camp only to find there was a tea room there. The owner was fab - he plans to sort an area for camping, and I was shown an outside toilet and shower before being taken to a perfect pitch just around the corner. He wouldn't take any money, so in the evening I had a lovely and very well priced meal in his tea room (come restaurant in the evening!). Lasagne & chips, red wine & a latte all came to about 10 pounds which I thought was very reasonable.

The place is called Louis Tea Room, and is just a mile or so east of Liskeard on the main road from St Annes Chapel. A really nice fella.

I've had some good luck lately on the camping front - I found a very basic campsite that did the job for just 2 pounds, then a great quiet site by a pub for just 4 pounds. I plan to list all the sites I stayed at once I get back along with the price and whether or not I recommend them or not!

Not long now...!


Peter said...

Your making some big miles now Sophie, you sure you haven't hired a car?!!!! Keep going, your doing fantastic!

Martin Rye said...

Well done and one last effort and we will all be envious that we have not done the walk.

Alan Sloman said...

Racing shoes, eh, Sophie?
They seem to be dong the trick. Incredibly well done Miss!

Phreerunner said...

Take care at the end Sophie. We don't want you running off the edge of the cliff!
Great stuff - savour the climax.

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Thanks for the comments. Yep, pleased with my progress and determined to enjoy this bit!