Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Made it to Lands End woohoo!

Well I finally arrived at Lands End today - very exciting!

It's a strange place...a bit like entering Disneyland but it's full of gift shops and cafe's. I savoured the moment and had a wander around before getting the final stamp on my "Transit verification form" and leaving a message in the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed a latte and a piece of carrot cake while awaiting the arrival of John and the dogs. Patch was over the moon to be out of the car and was ready for walkies - we didn't go far, just down to get our photo taked at the famous signpost, but it was good to be out together again. It was of course good to see John again too!

I've now had a shower and am in clean clothes - always good. I have a cup of tea on the go and am looking forward to a meal in the campsite bar later. I must say, I'm feeling rather pleased with myself!

Thanks to everyone for following and your supportive comments, I read them all and it really helped. When I get back I'll start reviewing the kit I used and the campsites I stayed in for anyone that's interested. I'll also keep blogging about new adventures with Patch, but I'm sure they won't be as big as this one!

Thanks again!


Alan Sloman said...

"I must say, I'm feeling rather pleased with myself!"

I should say so! Incredibly well done Sophie (and Patch too). Well walked and blogged too!

What shall I read with my morning coffee now?

andrew said...

Hi Sophie, Many congratulations on completing the walk. I am sorry that Patch did not make it all the way as you were a great pair. You may remember that we met at the Drum campsite with Les and I doing the same as you, but the other way round. I think your walking distances have be staggering with such a heavy pack. The best we could manage was 22 miles with our packs. Well done on your success.
Regards Andrew and Lesley.

mrs bucket said...

Glad to hear that John has made it OK with the caravan.It's chillout time now.Love to you both.xxxx

Old Winter said...

Well done all involved in this grand effort.

Martin Rye said...

Fantastic news and very well done. Patch did well too.

Mark Moxon said...

Congratulations Sophie. Brilliant stuff! :-)

wildtoeter said...

Hi Sophie, wuff wuff Patch,
congratulations from Germany. What a challenge and what a feeling having done it accompanied by Patch! You reached your aim unless it must have been a quite hard trip for both of you. Respect!! Hope, you will enjoy that feeling for the rest of your life.
Regards, André

Chris said...

Fantastic achievement, Congratulations Sophie and Patch, Time for some well earned rest!
Regards, Chris

Phreerunner said...

Well done, Sophie. You are a Shining Star. We look forward to reading about your further adventures with Patch. Hopefully not involving too many cows!
Have fun
Martin and Sue

baz carter said...

Congratulations!!! Looking forward to reading more of your adventures with Patch.

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi there, many thanks for the comments - much appreciated, and thanks for the support along the way.

The walk had it's ups and downs but was a very satisfying experience - and I've made some new friends along the way!

Jewellery By Shalini said...

Congratulation Sophie and Patch! Well Done!

Now you deserve a well earned rest :-)for a few days. I'll look forward to your new posts and reviews soon.

BabsnRay said...

You've earned the right to be very pleased and proud of yourself. Very well done. Such an achievement. Its a pity the weather wasn't kinder to you along the way.

Enjoy some time to yourself to get your energy back and to give yourself & Patch a good rest.

peewiglet said...

Many congratulations, Sophie! I've been away myself, and couldn't believe it when Alan told me you'd finished already. What a huge achievement. There was a little vicarious lump in my throat reading your post about finishing, so goodness only knows how *you* must have felt. Once again, very many congratulations :)

RedYetiDave said...

Better late than never... (we just got back from our GR5 shenanigans you see!) but: Congratulations and well done! It's a great feeling of completing after doing a really long walk eh?

But normal life... not looking forward to that ;)