Thursday, 20 August 2009

Walking the coastal path

Well this is my first day off after completing the JOGLE so what did we do today....go out walking!

We did about 9 miles of the coastal path north of Lands End today. It was so nice to be walking with Patch again - and John and Snowy (our other Jack Russell) of course! The walking was fabulous, lovely scenery, good weather and interesting walking.

Patch loved it and is currently flat out asleep. We're going to have a meal in the campsite bar now and decide where we're going's good!


Old Winter said...

Good to hear the team is reunited.

mrs bucket said...

Glad to hear you are having a nice time "little pot".Lots of people are sending their love and admiration to you.xxxx

ramblerman45 said...

Congratulations on a fantastic achievement. Anyone, male or female, who completes such a trek is to be admired, and I believe you deserve to feel euphoric as the average person walks no further than from their living room to the car!!! Once again very well done.
PS Any plans to write a book on your adventure?

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi there, thanks for the comments.

Hi Ramblerman45 - I did plan to write a book about the walk, but when my main character went home it put an end to that idea!

Lee & said...

Hey Sophie!! Well done to you both - you can come and run the Gobi with me next June now haha. You must be so proud, hell of an achievement. Drop me a line on facebook when you get your breath back - I have a challenge you may be interested in. Lots of love Lee (from INCO)