Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Still going!

I'm still plodding on!

I joined the Severn Way at Bridgenorth and it's been a mixture of nice walking and some boring stuff. Today I passed through Worcester and am camped just south on the outskirts.

My boots eventually dried out (yay!) but then got sodden again (boo!) and are currently outside my tent stuffed with toilet paper from this way overpriced campsite!

The forecast is for some dry days now thank goodness...I just wish I hadn't put my Selskinz socks on inside out this morning in my sleepy state as my feet got soaked and the socks too. I have one pair of dry socks that I'll have to wear tomorrow now the sealskinz are sodden, but as the boots are somewhat soggy I don't think the joy of dry feet will last long!!

The good news is my pack is much lighter and emptier without Patch's clobber and food. There, I said something positive!!

I'm making progress!


John Dunbavin said...

I have just caught up with your blog after a while away. Glad you're still going and what a good effort so far. I was sorry to hear about Patch going home but it sounds like it is for the best! During my walk with my German Shepherd Dog (Skye)over all the Munros last year, there were times when she looked thoroughly miserable, mostly in bad weather! I wished at times I could have beemed her back home. After all it is us that decide to walk for months on end, not them, they're just tagging along because they have to! I feel for you being on your own. When Skye had to go home for a few weeks with a sting on her paw, it was like I lost my rucksack or something, as I was so used to having her around. Could she return when you when you are in more dog friendly territory? It sounds like you are rushing home....enjoy the walk if you can while you can.
Anyway best wishes for the rest of the journey.

SDSA Motorcycle Couriers said...

Hi Sophie,

you are doing really well, wet feet or not you will do it just kep on going girl.


Dave & Shalini

Phreerunner said...

Wet feet will soon be distant memories, Sophie!
Enjoy the last section of your stroll - we wish we lived a bit closer and could catch up with you again.
Have fun
Martin and Sue

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi John, good to hear from you. I know exactly what you mean about feeling like somethink was missing when Skye went home - I feel much the same way. Every now and then I just stop myself in time from talking to the missing Patch..."that's a nice house isn't it girl?"! I do wish she could return for more of the walk, but I've found that there seem to e scarey noises everywhere - I thought the river Severn would be a good place for her but I'm glad she wasn't there as there was lots of shooting going on nearby! I certainly am rushing the rest of the walk, but it's either that or stop and go home to re-join Patch...I do plan to return though to the good bits with John and the dogs (Patch gets more confidence with company), then we can have some good enjoyable walks.

Dave and Shalini - good to know you are still following, many thanks for that.

Martin and Sue - I so wish I lived closer too! I thoroughly enjoyed your company, I could have talked to you both all day! Enjoy your upcoming walks, and I really hope to be able to catch up with you again soon.