Sunday, 7 June 2009

7th June

This is Dunrobin Castle, which is a very impressive place I passed today. I had a really pleasant walk along the coast to Golspie before having to hit the A9 again. I'm so looking forward to getting off the roads!

I walked more miles than intended due to being picky about a spot to camp...but I'm now finally settled in my tent in a nice spot hidden by gorse (wild camping). I'm hoping that as the miles pass and I finally leave the roads it'll become easier to find potential pitches.

I've just looked at the Met Office website via my phone and apparently it's going to be 3 degrees tonight and ground frost. Brrrr!


Alan Sloman said...

Cuddle up with Patch and enjoy your walk Sophie - Just back from the Lakes in pretty crappy weather - Wishing you good weather and soft earth to walk on!

John Manning said...

Sounds like all's going well - love the picture of "Patch pooped"!

Very envious of you being out there doing it while I'm back in the office writing about doing it!

As for wild camping, I think I'd adopt the sneaky stealth camping approach - as long as you can't be seen (in more urban areas), and as long as you're comfortable, go with it. The only issue will be where to "go" with your trowel in the morning that's out of sight!

Beautiful weather here in the Dales this morning; we'll try to tether the sun to Pen-y-Ghent for when you reach this neck of the woods!

peewiglet said...

I'm glad you found a good pitch. I remember putting up my tent in Scotland at the side of the road, behind some clumps of tall grass, and spending the whole night worried that somebody was either going to drive over me or stop and tell me to move on.

Looking forward to your next update.