Monday, 8 June 2009

8th June...

We passed through Dornch today - what a pretty place! I was going to have a short day but the campsite I stopped at (by the golf course) made life very difficult for dog owners with their silly rules, so I continued on instead.

Most of the walk was along a lovely quiet road, but then we had to hit the A9 again to cross the Dornock Firth Bridge. NOT FUN. It didn't help that 2 RAF jets played out the Dam Busters routing while we were crossing the bridge...poor Patch is a nervous wreck. We're getting closer to Inverness, where we leave the road for footpaths - and I can't wait!

My left foots blisters are improving, but they seem to have moved to my right foot. The ENGO patches that I put in my boots at the heels are doing a great job, but the blisters coming up are now in such odd places that the ENGO'S can't help.

Patch's feet have been holding up well, but today look a little tender so we'll have the day off tomorrow. It's hitting home now how much harder this is with a dog - accomodation isn't as easy (unless wild camping!), shopping for supplies / food can be difficult too, and grabbing some fish & chips or a decent meal somewhere is nigh on impossible. Also I've spent the entire walk so far watching her and worrying about her feet and how she's coping with the noise of traffic and jets. That said, I wouldn't be without her - and I think this walk is really good for her to build her confidence.


BabsnRay said...

You both are doing so very well. It is difficult working around obstacles humans put in place when you've a dog companion.Even something as simple as using the loo is not as easy as it sounds - without shopping for provisions etc. I used to go camping with my 2 and I was forever being told 'you can't bring them in here' even though I hadn't even stepped over the threshold. And, with so many dogs being stolen, its difficult to know if the passer by is someone who understands and will genuinely help or runaway with your companion.
A day off tomorrow perhaps may be a good idea to rest the feet of both of you. Good luck on the rest of your challenge.

Neil said...

Tie Patch to your full back pack, I tied my old JR to mine and neither the dog or the pack were stolen. If the JR can tow the pack all well and good, you won't need to carry it! Blisters, eat lunch with socks and shoes off to let the skin dry, try dry socks after lunch.

Jewellery By Shalini said...

Hope you are both doing OK after your rest day.

Julian said...

Tried to reach you via e-mail.Re your blisters in strange places.To provide some relief put the ENGO patches on your sock opposite the problem areas - you will have a hell of a time getting them off(try borrowing a hair dryer)but it will stop those blisters getting any worse.
I hope this helps
Julian and the ENGO team

Alan Sloman said...

Hi Sophie

I hope that everything is well with you and Patch - the lack of posting for such a while is always worrying, but I know that I had long 'quiet spells' on my own LEJOG due to difficulties with the technology and lack of reception with 02.

Whatever the problems please know that there are loads of us out here in the blogosphere that are rooting for your efforts. I hope this message finds you well. If you need any help at all, let us know as I have quite a few comntacts up that end of Scotland who could help and would be delighted to.

Good luck old thing!


Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi all, many thanks for your comments - very much appreciated.

Alan, sorry if my silence has worried you, and many thanks for the offer of help if necessary. That's really nice of you. All is going well so far...I'm just having problems getting blog updates through! I've been merrily sending blog updates every evening, only to find they have stopped reaching my blog for some reason.

I'm in Gairlochy - camped by the canal. I've been thoroughly soaked the last 2 days, and I'm sure there's more to come! Patch has been a bit peeved to be out in the rain - today she protested by walking 5ft behind me (and very slowly) for the first mile before deciding she may as well get on with it.

I'm trying to sort the blog update problem - I may have to wait until John visits in a week or so, so I can get on a computer instead of struggling with the web through this phone.

Thanks again for the comments - they really are very much appreciated.

Alan Sloman said...

Well done, you two!

It's great to hear you are both fine, if a little damp!

Good luck and let's hope for some better weather for you!

Mick Wellard said...

Good to hear from you again. Glad all is going well. Sorry the weather hasn't been with you. Hope your feet are a little better. Give Patch a fuss for me. Take care!

Jewellery By Shalini said...

Great to read your comment Sophie, we have been concerned at the lack of updates from you, but now we know :-)

You are doing really well. Keep it up!
Dave and Shalini