Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A rather late update!

I am sorry about the lack of updates...I've been having problems with the email link from my phone. If I go online & send a message from my yahoo address then it seems to get through ok, but the link from my phone seems to have stopped working. So for now I'll update by using the internet through my phone, but it takes a bit of battery life. Hopefully I'll be able to sort this when I get together with John in a weeks time as he'll bring my laptop.

Anyway.....we are now camped by a river 2 days into the West Highland Way (about23 miles south of Fort William). All's going well so far, although we have had to take it a little slowlyand had another 2 days off in Fort William due to Patch getting a stone in her foot. Her feet seem to be toughening up now, but it doesn't help that she's been charging around on the end of her lead hoping to get to some sheep!

I've met some great people along the way- in Evanton campsite I met Vinny who was comleting his LEJOG, In Fort Augustus I met Dave, who was celebrating his 70th birthday by cycling sheffield to John O'Groats, in Dingwall I met an end to end cyclist who's name escapes me, and alomg the Great Glen Way I met Rob and Richard who are great blokes - we bumpe into each other several times and walked some stretches together. They were great company, and Rob even held Patch while I did some food shopping!

The West Highland Way is a fabhulous walk - Patch is loving being in the mountains again, and is back to her old self (she got a bit stressed on the roads).

I now have 4 Engo patches in each boot and no more blisters! Patch gets her feet Butterbalmed each day, and I'm adamant that it's really helping any irritation to her pads.

I've been soaked for about 4 days, and today I've been baked...I'm not sure which I prefer...you can never please us women eh?!


Alan Sloman said...

Well done you two! it's good to hear that the feet (all six of them) are fine now and thatt things are going well.
All the best to you both!

peewiglet said...

Excellent news. V. glad to hear that you're both doing well :)

Jewellery By Shalini said...

Great to hear from you Sophie. Thanks for the update. Really pleased to hear you are both doing well and making new friends along the way :-)

Andrew said...

About time! (just joking....) Good to hear things are going well :o)

John Manning said...

Great to hear you're both still going strong!

Just spent the morning with Malcolm Cray, who's doing a similar hike for Help For Heroes, dressed as a Civil War Parliamentarian pikeman! He set off with 80lb of gear – he's shed some - but is still sweltering in this heat.

Look forward to you reaching the Dales... I reckon three weeks from now?

TURBO. said...

Was at Collarways this afternoon and Gabriela said to say Hi and that she's so pleased the Butterbalm is helping Patch's paws. We were all rather concerned at the ominous silence. Are you going to send any tweets on the way? We''re following you, Happy Walking, Turbo (@TurboHeeler)

Mango Terrier said...

Way 2 go Patch! I'm Mango Terrier, and me and my brother Gazza send you Big Wuffs. Let us know when you're tromping across the Border and we'll get Master to bring us over for a scamper. We live near Kirk Yetholm (near Kelso).

If you're coming through Edinburgh, Just For Dogs in Stockbridge - 0131 322 0899 - have all manner of stuff, including Ruffware. And my photo along with my mother, Bimbo.


John J said...

It's good to hear that things are going well - we were all getting a bit worried about you!


Sophie Easterbrook said...

Thanks for the comments!

Vince (LEJOG'ing from America - who I met in a campsite in Evanton) said he passed a fella dressed up and walking a JOGLE - he didn't realise at the time and just thought he was a weird bloke!