Tuesday, 30 June 2009

We made it to Linlithgow!

We made it ti Linlithgow...21 more miles covered today. Patch & I are currently sitting in a caravan park in the spot our caravan will be in once John arrives. Fantastic. A day off tomorrow will go down well. John's cooked a chilly and is bringing a bottle (or two...) of red, plus other goodies including clean clothes. I can't wait!

I forgot to mention some people I've met...a few days ago I met Alex on the West Highland Way, he's over from America doing a LEJOG (same as Vince). Yesterday I met two ladies who I'm ashamed to say I don't know their names. We got talking and I ended up in the back garden drinking a nice cold Iron Bru! One of the ladies (I wish I knew their names!) also donated 10 ponds to Dogs Trust. Today I met Janice, Janet and Moira while walking along the Union Canal. They are a fab group who walk together. We passed some time having a pleasant chat, and Janice donated to Dogs Trust also. I'm told Janet is a well know author in Scotland (Janet Paisley) and I look forward to getting hold of one of her books when I get back.

Patch is doing well. She was tired by the end of today - I think 20+ mile days are a bit too much for her. John is bringing the maps with him so I may revise some bits of the route to save some time - maybe ditch parts of the Penine Way for instance.

So far I've collected 86 pounds along the way in donations - people have been great.

I'm hoping John arrives soon...before it rains...!


peewiglet said...

Congrat's on your progress, and Piglet, Puss-Puss and I hope you have a fantastic evening, and day off tomorrow. Enjoy :)

Phreerunner said...

Pleased to hear all is going well - you'll escape from the worst of the insects in due course!
Have a great day off.

Jewellery By Shalini said...

You are doing great! And well done for what you have raised along the way for the Dogs Trust.

Enjoy your rest, you deserve it.

BabsnRay said...

Glad you've both arrived so far safely - a lovely spot for a well deserved rest day. Congrats on the money you've raised so far.

TheBlogger said...

Hi Sophie.
I'm doing work experience at the Linlithgow Gazette and I thought you and Patch would like to know that we are writing a small piece on you now that your incredible journey has crossed through Linlithgow.
I'm not sure which week you will be featured in though so keep an eye on the paper and good luck on the rest of your journey!!

lone walker said...

hi sophie. Were you in Carlisle today (3rd July)? I saw a lady with a little dog and a huge pack. You, if if was you, were crossing the park beside the castle just as it had started to rain. I was going to come across and wish you luck but wasn't sure if it was you or not. I might have come across as abut of a nutcase :) Im walking Hadrians wall for a few days. Good luck to you both for the rest of your walk. Cheers Lone Walker.

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Many thanks for the comments.

Wow, I'm going to be in the Linlithgow Gazette! Fantastic - thanks for that.

Lone Walker - that wasn't me! I've been a bit lazy and had extra time off...We start walking again tomorrow. Patch was pretty pooped & sore. John managed to get more time off work so we've made the most of seeing each other for the first time in a month!

I'd love to know who that was with the dog though & how she get's on! My pack is reasonably small - I don't look quite so impressive...just short & scruffy!