Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A hot bath and a warm fire....

I'm a happy chappy.

I've had a hot bath, am wearing clean clothes, and I'm sitting in front of a log fire. Lovely!

Patch and I are in the home of John, Steph and baby Sierra who are putting us up for the night. Steph kindly picked us up from Horton-in-Ribblesdale, and we are very comfortable and grateful. Patch is a little too interested in baby Sierra and is a little too boisterous with her introductions.

After a day off in Hawes yesterday we walked over the Pennines again today. It was a lovely walk - even the wind and rain didn't detract from what a lovely part of the world this is. Patch had a lovely time trying to chase sheep and rabbits (she's on a lead of course) until the jets came over again.

We must have done about 560 miles now - almost half way!


Alan Sloman said...

Well done Sophie (and Patch). You are in a wonderful part of the world again, but:

Ooh deary deary me! You have fallen in with some bad company there! Give 'Sweetpants' PCT Badger Manning my best!


Martin Rye said...

560 miles. That is superb. You are doing brilliant and enjoy the miles to come.

John Manning said...


Oh blimey, that's going to take the rest of the evening to explain, as I don't have an explanatory explanation to explain it!

G'night Sugarcrusties, sweet dreams!