Tuesday, 7 July 2009

We're in Peebles!

Just a quick update as I've been thrown out of this page 3 times already by my phone and my battery is starting to suffer (the phone's battery that is!).

After a wild camp in the Pentland Hills last night we are at a campsite...toilets, showers...lovely!

Patch is doing well, she was still pretty chirpy as we got to the campsite which is great news.

I'm wishing I didn't swap my inflatable mattress for a cut down section of kipmat when I met up with John though! I'll swap back when I see him next in 3 long weeks time....!


John Manning said...

Peebles - ah, you'll be booked into some swanky luxury at the Hydro then?

Hope you haven't been affected too much by the thunderstorms that have been rolling around.

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Hi John, a good storm came over when I was in the Pentland hills - but luckily I'd just finished setting up camp!

Has baby arrived yet? If so then I hope all's well and your managing to get some sleep. I forgot to bring your contact details...where are you again?! You can reach me by email at sophieandpatch(AT)yahoo.co.uk

John Manning said...

Email sent!

TURBO. said...

We're all enjoying dipping in to read your updates. Glad it's not us doing the walking but full of admiration, Patch, for what you and Sophie are doing for us dogs. Can't you get your mum to send some tweets now and again or doesn't her 'phone's battery stretch to that? Keep buttering those pads.