Saturday, 11 July 2009

We made it to England!

I'm not sure what I expected as I crossed the border...a marching band...balloons etc, but all I got was a notice on a gate as I hit the Pennine Way reminding me that I no longer have the right to roam. Ok then.

Yesterday I met up with someone who wishes to stay anonymous, so I'll just call him "A Proud Scottish Gent". A lovely fella who I thoroughly enjoyed walking with. He went out of his way to meet me, and even brought me his Thermarest mattress to use until I can collect mine again from John. What an absolute star. I loved walking along and leaving the navigation to someone else for a change, and I needn't have worried as he was clued up on all the footpaths. I had a lovely time, and walked the rest of the way to Jedburgh with a smile on my face.

After stopping at Shell (just outside the campsite) for some more supplies I noticed a cafe with outdoor seating - dog friendly! I treated myself to sausage & chips...a welcome break from dried packets of Pasta'n'Sauce. I saved Patch a sausage of course!

Today we walked 22 miles or so to Byrness campsite. We're getting there slowly!


Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations! What a milestone :)

Tres bon on meeting up and walking with the Proud Scottish Gent, and excellent news on the T-Rest front. There's nothing to beat the kindness of strangers for bucking one up :)

Piglet would send a lick for Patch but she's too busy licking the cat.

MickB said...

Hi Sophie, welcome back into England and we hope to join up with you soon for a day or so.

We'll keep tabs on your route through the Midlands and you (and Patch of course) are most welcome to stay with Gayle and me, if you wish, as you pass through: transport will be provided.

Your Proud Scottish Gent is a wonderful man who has graced the days of many a walker. We're pleased to hear of the meeting.

Also, if it's around mid week and you need a bed for the night near Hebden Bridge, I'm sure my dear old Mum will oblige (I'll be there too, to provide a pick up and drop off in the car).

Remember, one foot in front of the other (or in Patch's case: the others).

Mick Wellard said...

Congratulations on reaching England!!
You should be so proud of yourself and your achievemnts so far!!!
And when you think that for every one of your steps - thats several little steps for Patch - bless.
Good luck to you both for the up and coming days and weeks. I was with Arty today and he sends his love too!!!!

Alan Sloman said...

If the Proud Scottish Gent is who I think he is Sophie, you have met one of the LEJOG's greatest stars and supporters. He has helped quite a few in his time and is a bit of a hero as well as a double Lejoger himslef.

Well done you two on making it to England - it's all downhill from here on!

sally in norfolk said...

well done to you and patch :-)

TURBO. said...

I did a 7 mile walk in the New Forest on Sunday and I had to sleep all afternoon so I think that Patch is amazing. Looking forward to your next update.