Wednesday, 15 July 2009

We've crossed Hadrians Wall...

From Byrness we walked to Bellingham. The weather was wet and windy so instead of the Pennine Way we opted for a quiet lane that ran over the moorland parallel with the footpath.

The first campsite in the centre of town had chickens everywhere - not a good plan with Patch. We walked to the larger site just outside of town which would have been a good site if it weren't run by Hitler. The woman seems to hate backpackers - I even got warned to take my boots off before going near the shower as "backpackers make it messy".

I reluctantly took a day off as Patch needed a break. I met a lovely couple (Fred and Natalie) from Scotland, who I ended up having dinner with that evening - and had a really enjoyable evening.

The next day we walked along the Pennine Way again to Hadrians Wall Campsite near Haltwhistle. The site owners greeted me like an old friend and gave me a cup of tea - John had been on the phone to them a couple of times about a re-supply parcel he sent here for me.

Unfortunately my Satmap GPS unit was playing up so I sent it home. I didn't realise John had quickly got on the case for me and the good guys from Satmap sent a demo unit here for me to use for my walk while mine is fixed. I'm so impressed with their service. Unfortunately they just missed the post with it though, so I had to take another day off to wait for it's delivery this afternoon. Very frustrating, but at least this is a great campsite.

To be honest I'm already fed up with the Pennine Way. All I've got so far is sodden feet. I'm trying to avoid it as much as possible now...especially with more rain on the way.

Patch has enjoyed the day off - that was until the blooming RAF jets came over again.


Alan Sloman said...

Chin up ol' girl!

You can take the old railway track down to Alston (there's a smashing pub just off to the east halfway along it)

Alston's a lovely little place, as is Garrigil too. Enjoy this section Sophie - it really is stunning!

Give Patch a cuddle

Jewellery By Shalini said...

Thanks for the updates Sophie. Patch is being a very good girl :-)

Bullet and Millie send her a woof

litehiker said...

You can camp behind the village hall in Garrigill.

Mark Moxon said...

The direction you're doing the Pennine Way in, it does get better. Those few days at the northern end are a bit of a chore, but down south there are some lovely spots. Alan's spot on about taking the railway line to Alston; it's much better than hoofing over the hills!

Have fun...


John J said...

There's a rather nice pub in Garrigil too....not that I'm a drinking man you understand. Alan will vouch for that...won't you Alan?

I strongly agree with Mark's comments re: the PW. You're going through some rough stuff at the moment, in fact I think it's the baddest bit of the whole route - especially in soggy weather. It really isn't long before you hit wonderful countryside.

Keep it up, you're doing well!

sally in norfolk said...

your doind excellent well done to you both :-)

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Thanks for all the comments, I really do appreciate them.

I wish I'd read them earlier - I did walk the old railway to Alston, but didn't think to look out for a pub...that would have brightened the day up!

Garrigil sounds nice, but unfortunately I had already camped at the strangest little campsite at Alston.

It's good to know the Pennine Way improves underfoot...very good in fact!

Thanks all!