Sunday, 19 July 2009

It's a scarey world for a little dog...

Poor Patch has been having a tough time. If it's not the RAF buzzing about in the skies then the MOD are busy blasting up the hills. Why is it that as soon as you find a nice bit of countryside "The Forces" have to play war games on it. A sign on an earlier part of the Pennine Way read "Do not touch debri as it may blow up and kill you". Very subtle.

On top of the military creating havoc we had the added bonus of rabbit shooting to contend with this weekend. I was hoping Patch would start to handle scarey noises a little better on this walk, but the poor soul was reduced to jelly legs today. I'll see how she goes and if she's still stressed when I see John next (in a weeks time) then she may have to go home. The problem is we live under a RAF "Low Flying Zone" so the jets go over everyday, so even in the security of her home the poor girl is reduced to a quivering wreck.

The last couple of days have been rather boring plods along quiet roads so we're looking forward to getting back on the footpaths again tomorrow. Hopefully this will perk Patch up a bit. We are currently camped in a nice quiet site just outside Kirkby Stephen. Rain has threatened a few times, but thankfully it's been a lovely sunny day mostly. Lovely. I've had my evening meal...Pot Noodle was a welcome change from "Pasta n Sauce", but hardly fine dining! Good enough for me though!


Daryl May said...

Sophie, those B&Bs - you've earned them. And Patch likes them. And to justify them, you just have to have dry clothes to walk - and that's pretty challenging when camping. Plus a good breakfast fuels your entire day. You'll walk faster, which saves you money in the end. And have more time for fund-raising. Give in graciously!

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Daryl you are so right - that makes complete sense! I just wish I were a little richer so I could do so more often!!