Thursday, 9 July 2009

Stung by wasps but plodding on!

Last night I stayed in a bothy for the first time. It was a very basic wooden hut on the Southern Upland Way. It was very cold and I managed to get myself somewhat spooked (too many scarey films!) and was rather glad when another hiker, Jim, turned up.

Today we continued along the Southern Upland Way into Melrose. It was a very pleasant walk indeed - I thoroughly enjoyed walking over the hills. Patch loved it and was a lunatic on the end of the lead. She would love to have caught a sheep for dinner. On finding a river I took my pack off to refill my bottle and take a break, but I must have put it down on a wasps nest as I immediately got ambushed. I ran away squawking and left my pack behind so I then had to pluck up the courage to go back and get it. I ended up with 7 stings and no water...

I'm now in a campsite in Melrose. A very pleasant town. I stopped in Spar before coming to the campsite to buy some food for dinner, and two separate lots of people got talking to me outside the shop, and they both donated another 3 pounds each! That's 112 pounds in donations from people I've met along the way so far. Patch is great at attracting people over and melting their hearts!

Patch and I are now zipped into our bivi about to have an early night. It's been blissfully midge free for the last few days. Lovely!


Alan Sloman said...

I find that for wasp stings a really good remedy is to dab some whisky on your tongue.

For seven stings I would reccommend a small libation applied internally.

Good luck, you two!

John J said...

Ignore the Sloman advice, by far the best remedy is to give ME the whiskey!

I hope the stings subside soon.


Jewellery By Shalini said...

Ouch! Hope it gets better soon.

BabsnRay said...

I don't have a rememdy for wasp stings, apart from maybe savlon or sudocrem or similar ointment. I know this sounds horrible, but its better that you got stung and not Patch. If Patch got stung, you'd have felt her pain 10 times over.

Glad you've made it so far and relatively in one piece. Good luck in the rest of your trek - thinking of you both. Give Path a bit hug from us both.

Martin Rye said...

Keep at it and dont give Alan any whisky :) You have come a long way and well done.

Sophie Easterbrook said...

Alan - I like the advise, and wonder if red wine would be an acceptable alternative...

John - many thanks...already better. I may have the odd whinge but I cope ok really :o)

Shalini - thankyou!

BabsnRay - you are absolutely right. I would have felt awful if Patch were stung.

Martin- thanks for that, that really is good to hear!